1% brokerage fee cap for owner-customers effective until the end of 2022

As an owner-customer, you can invest in shares and ETFs at low cost with even a smaller amount – a 1% brokerage fee cap is effective until the end of 2022.

This benefit concerns the Nasdaq Helsinki and the Nasdaq Stockholm as well as securities found on the op.fi service – shares, warrants and ETFs. You’ll get the benefit automatically when you sell or by listed shares on OP-mobile or the op.fi service. 

So, you as an owner-customer will pay a maximum of a 1% brokerage fee for a share transaction. For example, you will pay only a brokerage fee of one euro for a 100-euro purchase.

The typical minimum fee charged for trading may become a significant cost if you trade with smaller amounts. For example, a minimum fee of 7 euros accounts for 7% of a 100-euro transaction.

The 1% brokerage fee cap makes investing in shares inexpensive with even small amounts and encourages investors to diversify their share portfolio.

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