OP-Forest Owner special common fund is again ready for subscriptions

OP-Forest Owner Fund has gained increasing popularity and the fund has seen subscriptions growing at an accelerating pace during 2019. The number of subscriptions has doubled since 2018.

You can again subscribe for the fund’s units and the next subscription date is 31 December 2019.

To secure the fund’s expected return and the interests of unitholders, we restricted the cash flow through the subscriptions by closing the fund from subscriptions for a fixed period of 1 July–30 September 2019. This restrictions was due to slackening forest sales.

What the OP-Forest Owner Fund is all about?

  • OP-Forest Owner provides a cost-effective and easy professional ownership of Finnish forest.
  • The forest fund's steady return comes from growth of trees and the value change of tree resources. As its primary earnings generating method, the fund sells timber from the forest estates it owns.
  • OP-Forest Owner Fund provides a low-risk investment option for asset diversification with return expectations lower than in bond markets and with lower risk than in equity markets.
  • Now you can invest in forest even with a small amount - OP-Forest Owner Fund has no minimum subscription. You can start investing with, say, 10 euros.

The fund aims to grow in a responsible and profitable way. It takes asset as much as it can reasonably invest in markets. Fund redemptions will be performed as usual.