OP-mobile turns 10 years of age — 70 per cent of customers log in each day

When OP-mobile was first released 10 years ago this June, a few thousand customers downloaded it onto their phones. Now, more than 500 million logins to OP-mobile are clocked up each year.

  • The first iPhone version of OP-mobile was released in App Store exactly 10 years ago. This was a modest beginning: mobile banking apps were taking baby steps in Finland and most customers banked via the op.fi online service. Around 2,500 Finns downloaded OP-mobile to their phones on launch day. User numbers have grown rapidly since then and the service has well over a million active customers. More than 70 per cent of customers log into OP-mobile each day. 
  • OP-mobile was developed in stages. At first, it could be used for checking account balances, paying invoices, performing credit transfers between the user’s own accounts, approving e-invoices, finding bank branches and ATMs, and analysing market information. It can now be used for managing all aspects of banking and insurance. Customers also use OP-mobile as a means of identification — with Mobile key — for various digital services. In addition, OP-mobile has a range of tools for payment and managing personal finances, and can be used to view details of accounts held with other banks.
  • In addition to the app for personal customers, there’s OP Business mobile, which can be used for purposes such as accounting.
  • Forthcoming developments include a general overhaul of owner-customer features; improvement of investment services and the customer service and insurance sections; and the launch of wholly new payment and money management services.