OP Financial Group donates 30,000 euros to MIELI Mental Health Finland’s Crisis Helpline

OP Financial Group has been supporting the Crisis Helpline since 2020. Its donations have provided multiple forms of assistance for the Crisis Helpline, such as enabling the hiring of crisis workers.

This latest donation brings the total to 200,000 euros, which MIELI’s Crisis Helpline has used to strengthen its resources and answer a growing number of calls. For example, the number of summertime calls answered by crisis workers was 36% higher in 2022 than in 2021.

“OP is an important cooperation partner for the Crisis Helpline. With OP Financial Group’s donations, we were able to hire five crisis workers around Finland for the summer of 2022 and two night-time crisis workers for a year,” states MIELI Mental Health Finland’s Crisis Helpline Manager, Susanna Winter.

The stress experienced by Finns during and after the pandemic has increased the number of calls to MIELI’s Crisis Helpline. In spring 2022, more calls were answered than ever before. A record number of calls – almost 35,000 – were received in July. 
“The increasing number of calls confirms a growing need for support and help in the currently uncertain global situation. It’s important that, through the Crisis Helpline, we can help and support people in crisis or undergoing stressful situations,” notes Annina Tanhuanpää, Head of ESG and Corporate Responsibility at OP Financial Group.

Calls to the Crisis Helpline concern matters such as emotional distress, challenges in personal relationships, life crises, loneliness, addiction, worries about close relatives and doubts about being able to cope. Financial difficulties and issues are also discussed. Around 430 discussions of financial difficulties were held with the Crisis Helpline in June–July 2022.

MIELI Mental Health Finland is the oldest mental health non-profit organisation in the world. Its mission is to support and promote good mental health and prevent mental health problems. MIELI’s Crisis Helpline offers help anonymously. Calls are answered by crisis work professionals and trained volunteers. The Helpline is available in Finnish at 09 2525 0111 on a 24/7 basis and has specific opening hours in English, Swedish, Ukrainian, Russian and Arabic (additional information: https://mieli.fi/en/support-and-help/crisis-helpline/. The donation of 30,000 euros represents just one aspect of OP’s corporate responsibility work.