OP transmits tax refunds to 1.7 million people

A total of 826 million euros were paid out in tax refunds on 4 August 2020. If the tax refund recipient has not informed the Finnish Tax Administration of their account number, they will get a notification of the incoming remittance by post after 5 August.

The notification of incoming remittance will direct private customers to cash their money order primarily at op.fi if they have a user ID for OP eServices. All incoming remittances can also be cashed at OP cooperative branches. A valid ID document issued by the authorities (passport or ID card) must be presented. Cashing a money order over the counter at a branch is subject to service charges according to the list of charges and fees. This applies also to OP’s customers.  

OP’s corporate customers can cash money orders by calling 0100 05151. Money orders remain available for cashing for 28 days. 

The next payment date of tax refunds is Friday 4 September 2020.