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OP’s equity savings accounts another step closer to launching

The content and features of the first version of OP’s equity savings accounts have now been configured and testing is under way. The tests are designed to ensure that the account features are easy to use and that they work as intended. We want to start offering these new accounts to our customers as soon as possible, but we also need to make sure that they deliver the best possible customer experience and reliability before we do.

Once testing has been completed, we will fix any issues identified and move on to piloting. Piloting is designed to check the reliability of the service, and this will be done by making the service available to a select few customers. Piloting is the last stage before launching the service, and we hope to announce the official launch date as soon as possible as testing progresses.   

An entirely new platform is being built for OP’s equity savings accounts as part of a more extensive wealth management system upgrade. The upgrade is designed to ensure OP’s ability to continue providing the best investment services going forward and to react ever faster to changes in our customers’ needs.  

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