Start fund investing for a child at

Fund investing for a child became even easier: now you can start it at To make further fund investing orders for the child, just log into with your own user ID. For private customers, login is available in Finnish and Swedish.

How to start fund investing for a child:
  1. Open an account for the child. The child and guardians must have access right to it. You can open an account for the child at When you open the account, you just choose the parents’ account access rights. Fill in the power of attorney at to gain access to the child’s account. The power of attorney is required of all guardians.
  2. Accept the OP Savings and Investments Agreement and the Basic Custody Agreement for the child to be able to buy funds or other investment products. 
  3. Now you can start investing for the child. You can make one-time subscriptions or invest systematically into a fund after logging into using your own user ID.
Funds invest assets in the fixed-income and stock markets. Funds diversify your investments efficiently and provide an opportunity for a better long-term return. The most popular way of saving money for a child is to make monthly investments in a fund. You can set the monthly investment amount yourself and change it in the service, if you wish.
If your child already has an account (and the child and guardians have access rights to it) and a Basic Custody is opened, you’re all set. Just log into with your own user ID and start fund investing for your child!