Backpack for every back campaign returns – donate school supplies for children in low-income families

OP and Hope ry are again collecting donations of backpacks and school supplies for children and young people in low-income families. The campaign aims to ensure a happy education for all schoolchildren.

Even before COVID, more than 112,000 children were living in low-income families in Finland, and the situation has been worsened by the pandemic. Families with children who turn to Hope ry welcome all types of help, but help is particularly needed at the exciting stage when children begin school.

Together with Hope ry, OP wants to draw attention to families living on limited means who require assistance and to encourage our customers to contribute.

”The Backpack for every back campaign has been a favourite of customers and OP cooperative banks for many years now. The campaign is a concrete way to give to charity and help disadvantaged children and young people locally, says Annina Tanhuanpää, Director, Corporate Responsibility at OP Financial Group.

Small acts can provide meaningful experiences, which is why every backpack matters.

“Last year, we collected as many as 3,300 donations of backpacks and this year, our goal is to help even more schoolchildren,” Tanhuanpää adds.

In the Backpack for every back campaign, anyone can donate a new, unused backpack or pencil case to an OP branch office participating in the campaign.

Counsellor Nora Nederström from Hope ry says she has received plenty of grateful feedback from customer families. Over the years, there have been many happy encounters.

Working together for the benefit of schoolchildren is seen as important to giving everyone a happy education. Access to school supplies and a backpack of their own has a major impact on students’ motivation. A new backpack also allows the child to feel equal with their peers.

“It is important for children to have a personal style appropriate for their age.

Nederström also highlights the importance of school supplies, such as backpacks, throughout school years.

”Besides first-year pupils, older students also need school supplies they enjoy using,” she notes.

The aim of the campaign, which is organised for the sixth time now, is to brighten the day of schoolchildren of all ages throughout Finland. In previous years, the campaign has collected an amazing number of donations.

”I already want to thank everyone who donates to the campaign,” Nederström says.

The mission of Hope ry is to provide an equal and happy life to everyone, and OP Financial Group wants to help promote this goal.  Donations of backpacks began in 2017, with thousands of donations every year since then.

See the list of participating OP cooperative banks and your nearest donation point at