Are you about to receive a tax refund? If so, read these instructions

The payment dates for tax refunds are approaching. Tax refunds appear in accounts at different times for different customers, i.e. your refund will not necessarily be in your account on the morning of the payment day.

When are tax refunds paid?

  • Your tax refunds will be paid between July and December into the bank account you reported to the Finnish Tax Administration. Most personal customers receive their tax refund on the 3 August or 3 September.
  • Go to MyTax to check your tax refund date, amount and tax decision.
  • The refund will appear in your account sometime during the payment day. If you do not receive your refund on the payment date, see the Finnish Tax Administration’s website for further information and instructions on how to proceed. Unfortunately, our customer service cannot look into tax refund matters.

By when must you give the Finnish Tax Administration your bank account number?

  • If you give the Tax Administration your bank account number in good time, you will receive the tax refund in your account sometime on the payment date. 
  • Check the account number you have given at MyTax, or from your pre-completed tax return or tax decision. Inform the Tax Administration of your account number if it is new or has changed.

What should I do if I have not reported my bank account number on time?

  • If the Finnish Tax Administration does not have your account number, your tax refund will be paid by money order, i.e. a money transfer, via Nordea. Nordea will send notification of the money order to the address you have given to the Finnish Tax Administration. You will have 28 days to cash the money order, from the date stated on the order notification. For more detailed instructions, see the notification sent by Nordea.
  • Please note that, even if you are an OP customer, you must cash the money order via Nordea. We cannot cash tax-refund money orders at OP bank branches.