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Use your card also abroad – convenient travelling without cash

The autumn’s holiday season is a great time to travel abroad. Did you know that you can pay conveniently with your card also when travelling the world? When you pay with your card you don’t have to worry about currency exchange and you can concentrate on enjoying your holiday instead.

Using a card is safer and cheaper than using cash

Using primarily your card saves money as the exchange rate is better than the rates offered by currency exchange outlets. You don’t have to pay any forex charges if you select local currency when making the payment. Paying with a card also keeps your money safe as your bank will refund any costs from the card’s misuse should it be stolen.
To ensure smooth payment during your holiday, don’t forget to raise your credit and withdrawal limits to an appropriate level, check the card’s validity and make sure that the card in good shape before travelling. Note however that although card payment is readily available in many countries, it’s good to check the payment policies of your destination.
If you need cash during your travel, the cheapest option is to withdraw it from an ATM in your destination. You’ll find the nearest ATM on Visa’s ATM Locator service.