Check and update your details so that we can serve you better

We are asking you to check and update your details so that we can serve you as responsibly and reliably as possible. We are also required by law to know our customers and their activities, and to update this information regularly.

We are asking you to check and fill in your details such as your life situation and your use of services. Adequate and up-to-date information will enable us to protect your money better against a variety of misuses. If we notice that your account is used in an unusual way – for example, if we detect large money transfers abroad – we will ask for additional information from you to check whether everything is as it should be.

When you have updated your details, we can get to know you better and provide you with products and services that suit your life situation.

We will ask for your personal and customer details typically when you become our customer. We will also update the details regularly during your customer relationship. Please be careful whenever you disclose any details. Please note that we never inquire about your online bank user identifiers or passwords by email or over the phone.

When did you last check your details?

You can check and update your details at

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