Information regarding the situation of travel agency Detur for Pohjola Insurance customers

The public has known about the problems the travel agency Detur has been facing. According to Detur, package tours for the end of the year have been cancelled due to the reorganisation of the travel agency’s business operations.

The travel agency’s problems may result in trips being cancelled, travel plans changing, or additional expenses. According to Pohjola Insurance traveller's insurance terms and conditions, these situations are not coverable. 

Please contact the seller or any party responsible for managing bankruptcy estates first to receive compensation. If you do not receive a response to your written request within 14 days or if the trip has been paid for by a bank or credit card, you can file a card complaint. In this case, please include any necessary attachments to your complaint, including the claim you sent to the seller. 

Travel agency customers are recommended to follow the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority’s instructions.