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Order and manage e-invoices with ease also on OP-mobile

Now you can manage e-invoices also on OP-mobile! E-invoices are an easy and secure way to pay bills.

This is how you order and manage e-invoices on OP-mobile​

  1. Go to App Store or Google Play to update the latest version of OP-mobile.
  2. Log into OP-mobile.
  3. You can find e-invoices on the Money frontpage by clicking Payments > e-invoices.
  4. In future, you will be notified of incoming e-invoices both on OP-mobile and at op.fi. If you wish, you can have notifications delivered also by email and SMS.

Haven’t enabled e-invoices yet? This is how e-invoices work

You can check and confirm e-invoices quickly or, if you wish, choose e-invoices to be paid automatically. An e-invoice includes the same information as a paper bill. Only the delivery method is different. The payment details are automatically available on OP-mobile and op.fi, so paying becomes very easy with a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Since you don’t need to enter the payment details by hand, they are automatically correct. The bill is also automatically stored in the e-invoice archive.