Nainen tunnistautuu verkkopalveluun.

Tupas authentication service to be discontinued soon – start using the new OP Identity Service Broker

The Tupas authentication service has been the most common method for companies to identify their customers online. The new act on strong electronic authentication involves changes for companies’ identification services. Since Tupas no longer fulfils the legal requirements, we have introduced OP Identity Service Broker to replace Tupas.

According to the regulation by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, Tupas authentication should end on 30 September 2019. The regulation is based on the Finnish act on strong electronic authentication and the EU eIDAS Regulation. 

According to Traficom, all companies providing Tupas authentication services have not yet adopted the new OP Identity Service Broker, so problems may occur at the authentication stage. If problems occur, please contact the service to which you are authenticating.

OP will continue to use the Tupas authentication service after 30 September since companies are in progress of replacing their identification services. This will ensure a smooth use of services.

We will inform of the final discontinuation date of the Tupas authentication service later. Despite the extension, the use of the Tupas authentication service will end in the near future. Please note that Tupas authentication is not the same thing as authentication to OP services. This matter does not require any action from our private customers.

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