International payments to fasten

International payments will become faster, and in future, money is transferred to payees even within the same day, without any extra charge, following regular international payment instructions.

Euro-denominated and currency payments to countries outside the SEPA will become faster. This change is based on the new SWIFT gpi (global payment innovation) service. 

The service is already used globally by nearly 1,000 banks between which the fast transfer of payments is possible. OP has adopted gpi payments as the first bank in Finland.

At the moment, we transfer gpi payments in the following currencies: SEK, EUR, NOK, GBP and USD. We will expand the selection of currencies according to our customers’ needs. 

You will automatically benefit from this service

The faster movement of payments will improve working capital management, as you do not need to reserve as much time for the transfer of payments as before. Payments can also be tracked in real time on this new service, which adds an extra layer of security to international payments. 

Similarly, incoming payments have become faster too and also their progress can be tracked. If the payer's bank supports SWIFT gpi, the incoming payment may be transferred within the same day and at the same day’s value. 

You do not need to take any action to adopt this service: we will automatically send all international payments as fast gpi payments whenever possible, that is, when the receiving bank has adopted this service and the used currency is included in our selection.