New occupational accident statistics introduced in October

This October, Pohjola Insurance corporate customers that have taken out occupational accident and occupational disease insurance with a special payment basis get access to useful new claims statistics in the service.

The statistics display basic details of employees’ occupational accidents and diseases, as well as various graphs that provide a quick overview of past claims and the amounts of compensation paid out. The statistics show the circumstances and types of past claims, among other information. The information can be used to improve workplace safety by eliminating hazards.

The new statistics service will be available in mid-October and replaces the statistics in the old online service. The statistics are updated halfway through each month, ensuring that you will have access to all claims made up to the end of the preceding month. To view the statistics, log into the service and select Statistics from the Insurance and claims section. You must have access rights to view statistics. If you also have access rights to personal injury claims, you will be able to view details of each claim. The statistics can also be exported as an Excel spreadsheet.

The statistics service for corporate groups will be launched at a later date.

Pohjola Risk Management Service helps you improve workplace safety

Be sure to use the Pohjola Risk Management Service to improve and monitor occupational safety in your company. In the service, your employees can also report safety observation. You can log activities that require correcting and monitor the success of improvements in the Risk Management Service. The service is free of charge for customers that have taken out workers' compensation insurance at Pohjola Insurance.