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New fund: OP-Nordic Micro Cap special common fund

You can now buy units in the OP-Nordic Micro Cap special common fund. Fund subscriptions and redemptions are confirmed quarterly. The first subscriptions will be confirmed on 30 June 2021.

We will launch a new special common fund that offers an easy way to invest in small-cap stocks and benefit from their success. The fund mainly invests its assets in listed Nordic small caps. The fund also has unlisted companies and those companies planning to list that bring additional return potential

The Nordic countries are especially active in listing growth companies

Going public in Sweden and Norway has shown record levels. Many early-stage companies have become public to boost their capital growth. Stock exchange listing has diversified the offering of Nordic growth companies.

“The Nordic stock market clearly provides a more extensive range of companies and industries than what the Finnish market provides. In particular, the Swedish and Norwegian listing market have been very active in recent years. New and growth-seeking companies have gone public much more than in Finland, for example in renewable energy and information technology sectors”, says portfolio manager Antti Karessuo.

As an owner-customer, you will earn OP bonuses from the fund.