A new green loan to speed up SME and housing company investments

With our green loan, you can finance various investments reducing environmental impact, such as basic renovation projects improving energy efficiency, energy renovations and charging stations for electric cars.

Green loans available from all our OP cooperative banks are designed for SMEs, housing companies and farms operated as a company or partnership. In addition to positive climate and environmental impacts, with green loans we help companies to prepare for higher stakeholder expectations.

– Large companies, in particular, must comply with regulatory requirements, but regulations apply to the entire value chain – including small subcontractors, states Heikki Peltola, Head of SME Retail Banking at OP.  

Green loans are intended, for example, for basic renovation projects improving energy efficiency, energy efficient new construction, use of renewable energy sources, construction of low emission transport infrastructure and sustainable use of natural resources in agriculture and fishery.

A project with a green loan has a strong sustainability profile, which the company or housing company can use in stakeholder communication, employer branding and reputation building. The green loan criteria are based on the OP Corporate Bank’s Green Bond Framework. 

Furthermore, green loans cost less than ordinary corporate loans.

EIF guarantee facilities make sustainable investments easier

The EIF guarantee facilities help SMEs and housing companies in their sustainable climate and environmental actions. The guarantee products will be available from OP cooperative banks in week 13.

The EIF guarantee can be applied for for sustainable SME and housing company solutions or for SME product and service development as well as digitalisation. The EIF guarantee is granted for projects that fulfil the guarantee criteria when applying for financing.

The guarantee covers a maximum of 80 per cent of the loan collateral and the loan can be granted at lower cost. 

You can apply for our new sustainable finance solutions via our digital channels or contact your own OP cooperative bank.

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