The Claims Service replaces the Link service for companies

We have introduced a new service that enables people working in various roles in your company to report occupational accidents and leisure-time accidents using the new Claims Service. You can continue to provide your employees with a direct link to the loss reports for various types of losses.

To start using the new service, you will need to do a few things. You can find out about them before the service is introduced. Now is a good time to go to to accept all pending loss reports, so that the reports are saved and sent to us for processing. The new service replaces the current link service, and we recommend that you switch to using it right away. Activate the new direct links to loss reports in your company’s intranet by the end of February 2021.

Why a new service?

The Act on the Provision of Digital Services requires us to provide digital services that meet the accessibility requirements. Accessible services improve, among other things, equality and the ease of use of our digital services. We have also taken the opportunity to update old technologies and solutions and ensure that our services continue to be secure and easy to use. Sending reports using the Claims Service will require strong identification with online banking identifiers or mobile ID.  

What is the Claims Service?

The Claims Service provides loss reports for most types of losses. Employees who have online access to corporate insurance policies can access the Claims Service loss reports at Employees who cannot access corporate insurance policies at can report losses and file a claim using the Claims Service at To help your employees, you can also provide a direct link to the Claims Service loss report.