State of Finland’s account numbers to change as of 1 December 2020

The payment service provider of the Finnish State will change on 1 December 2020. OP’s role as the principal intermediary of payment transactions will end, and the Finnish State will centralise its payment services to Danske Bank and Nordea. The change will affect the bank account details of state agencies and institutions.

When you make payments such as taxes to the Finnish Tax Administration or a vehicle tax to Traficom after 30 November 2020, use the account numbers of these agencies with Danske Bank or Nordea when making the payments. Do not use the OP account number in payments to state agencies and institutions after November, but you can use the OP account number until the end of November. The payment will be automatically forwarded to the account with OP until 30 November even if you enter the account number of Danske Bank or Nordea on the payment.

Update your bills payable to the Finnish State with new account numbers as of 1 December 2020

Please check that the payments to the Finnish State you have saved in the service have correct account numbers. If needed, enter new account numbers in them and delete the OP account number from the payment templates.

Companies should update their beneficiaries register with the state’s new account numbers.

To ensure that your payments will be delivered to the payee on time, it is important that you update the correct account number. However, if you accidentally make a payment to the state’s old OP account in December, we work in cooperation with the state to ensure that all payments will be delivered during December.