Warning of investment fraudsters

Banks’ customers are being swindled funds by appealing to exceptionally good investment products. Investment fraud in its typical form it that fraudsters contact consumers by phone or email, offering an opportunity for large and fast returns by investing in a product or service that the fraudster offers. It is known that the fraudsters mostly communicate in English and promise particularly high investment profits. Investment fraud can also be advertised in social media, and clicking on the advertisement directs you to the phishing website.  The advertisements may show images of public figures without their permission to create a credible impression. In reality, invested funds go to the fraudsters and for the support of criminal activity, and getting the invested money back is not possible.

In many cases, the fraudsters ask people to instal a remote access software to the computer. They may even show a fake website trough this to which they have falsified actual investment returns. After receiving the remote access, the fraudster seeks to manoeuvre investors into taking various measures, such as revealing personal detail on the online service. If the fraudster is given access to the computer through remote access, the fraudster may collect information and make payments from a bank account when the online service session is open. 

If you are contacted by phone or email or you see an appealing advertisement on the web that promises exceptionally high investment returns, you should take it with a grain. Before transferring money, check the company’s details and ensure that it has a proper licence and that the company cannot be found on the warning list of the Financial Supervisory Authority. Please also remember that reliable players never ask you to instal any remote access software to the computer you use. Consider carefully to which sites you give you contact information.

If you suspect that you have fallen victim to fraud and given personal information over the phone or permitted remote access to your device, please contact your bank immediately. Our customer service is open Mon–Fri 8.00–19.00, and you can reach us at 0100 0500.

Out of service hours, please contact the Deactivation Service to deactivate you credentials and card. The Deactivation Service is open 24/7 at +358 20 333. You can deactivate your card by calling OP Deactivation Service at +358 100 0555.

Please always remember to report to the police. You can do so electronically on the website of the police of Finland or by visiting a police department.