Online purchases will require strong customer authentication

The requirement of strong customer identification now applies to all online payments. The change is based on the EU’s payment services directive (PSD2), which entered into force in September 2019 regarding strong customer identification. The transition period of the law for online payments with cards ended at the end of 2020.

The purpose of strong customer authentication is to increase the security of payments, improve consumer protection and decrease misuse related to payments.

How will the change show in daily life?

  • In future, strong customer authentication may be required in many other situations, for example, when you order food with a mobile app or buy a travel ticket online. 
  • As a rule, strong customer authentication will be required with every online payment, but not always. There are differences between different online merchants in how often strong authentication is required. 
  • The logic is the same as in contactless payment in which you sometimes have to key in your PIN. In payments with a physical card, strong customer authentication is done with the PIN. 
  • The change applies to everyone who pays online with a card, so strong customer authentication will also be required from minors in the future.

In any case, you should always be prepared for strong customer authentication when you buy something online.

What are the methods of strong customer authentication?

We offer the following strong authentication methods:

  • Mobile key
  • Key code list complemented with SMS confirmation.

Mobile key is the primary identification method on our services, and we recommend that you start using it. To start using Mobile key, download the OP-mobile or OP Business mobile app to your smartphone or tablet.