Tax refunds in 2020 – Report your account number to the Finnish Tax Administration on time

Tax refunds no longer have one fixed payment date. Most private individuals receive their tax refund in August or September. If you have not yet reported your account number to the tax authorities or if your account number has changed, you can report the number in the MyTax service.

Most tax refunds will be paid out on 4 August or 4 September to customers who have reported their account number to the Tax Administration. The deadline for submitting the account number depends on the date when the customer’s personal taxation was completed. If the tax refund is paid out on 4 September 2020, the account number must be reported by 27 August 2020 at the latest.

Check your tax decision and, if needed, let the Tax Administration know your new or changed account number. The easiest way to do this is by giving your account number online in the MyTax service of the Tax Administration. Electronic reporting is easy, secure and fast. You can also see your tax refund date in MyTax online service.

What should I do if I have not reported by bank account number on time?

If you have not reported your account number to the Tax Administration, you will receive mail after the payment date notifying that you have received a money transfer.

If you have user identifiers for OP eServices, you can redeem the money transfer at

All arrived tax refunds are available to be redeemed at OP cooperative bank branches. Bring with you a valid ID document issued by the authorities (passport or ID card). Money orders remain available for redeeming for 28 days.