Osakesäästötili OP-mobiilissa

Now is the time to open an equity savings account

You can now open an equity savings account on OP-mobile. You can only transfer or deposit money — a maximum of 50,000 euros — into the account, at one time or in instalments.

You can use an OP equity savings account to make tax-free investments in Finnish companies listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange or the First North Finland marketplace. No tax is payable on sales of stocks and possible dividend payments. Returns are only taxed when you withdraw funds from or close your equity savings account.

How much do I have to pay for an equity savings account? 

Opening an equity savings account is free of charge, as are transactions for the first 30 days. In addition, when you start there is no monthly charge for the current and the following calendar month.  After this, you must pay the brokerage fees specified in the list of charges and fees.

To open an equity savings account and trade, you need either the Saver’s service package or Investor’s service package. These service packages include equity and market analysis, and custody. The brokerage fees depend on the customer’s chosen package.
As an owner-customer, you can invest in equities at lower cost:  
  • The saver's service package is free of charge for you (normal price 2.99 euros)  
  • For the more comprehensive saver’s package, you will pay 9.99 euros (normal price 14.99 euros) per month. 

Take note of the following when opening an equity savings account

  • You need the latest version of OP-mobile.   
  • The account holder must be of age and legally competent.
  • You can only have one equity savings account open.   
  • An equity savings account held with another bank cannot yet be transferred to us. This will only be possible later.
  • An equity savings account is not the same as a book-entry account. Take careful note of which alternative would be best for you.

The OP equity savings account continues to evolve

The next phase will provide users with even more possibilities. In the future, you will be able to:  

  • Buy and sell stocks listed on foreign exchanges. 
  • Open an equity savings account for a child or legally incompetent person. 
  • Transfer an equity savings account from another bank to us. 
  • Open an account, with your guardians’ consent, if you are under 18 years old. 
  • Open an account at op.fi or your OP cooperative bank.  

We will announce new features as development continues.