Statement of fees for 2020 to be delivered to the service during February

We will deliver a statement of fees for 2020 to Oma Arkisto (My archive) at by the end of February 2021. A statement of fees is delivered for private customer current accounts and accounts based on the current account as well as basic payment accounts. If you’re not the principal holder of such an account, you will not receive a statement of fees.

The statement of fees is a summary of the most common service fees related to your current account we have charged you the previous year as well as interest amounts. The statement gives a concise and clear picture of all service fees debited during the year and makes it easier to compare different service providers’ fees.

The statement of fees can be found on the service under My archive 

You can log into the service with OP’s or another bank’s user ID. If you don’t have any bank’s user ID, you can order a statement of fees by calling our customer service at 0100 0500 (local/mobile network rate) or by visiting an OP cooperative bank branch. 

Go to My archive (requires login, in Finnish or Swedish)

How does OP charge its service fees?

Services fees are debited monthly from your account. If you are an owner-customer, the OP bonuses you have earned will be used for service charges and fees.

You can check whether you are an owner-customer and see your current OP bonuses on the service or on OP-mobile. If you don’t have a user ID for OP eServices, you can obtain this information by visiting your OP cooperative bank branch.

More information about service charges and fees and the statement of fees

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