Lessor's insurance to be supplemented – Three new additional covers for owners of buy-to-let homes

As of 1 April 2022, we will offer three new supplementary insurance policies for owners of buy-to-let homes. The new policies will provide lessors with even more comprehensive cover and peace of mind in their everyday life. The new insurance policies will provide lessors with additional cover for the loss of rental income, disputes, legal expenses, liability for damages, as well as for their own property and the maintenance responsibility.

Lessor’s basic cover or Pohjola Home Insurance covers the surface materials, parts of the apartment and fixtures of a detached house, holiday home or apartment in a block of flats, terraced house or semi-detached house you have let out. You can also insure your home contents if you are renting your buy-to-let home furnished.

The three new additional covers will also prepare you for other risks related to a buy-to-let home:

  • Lessor's general liability insurance covers expenses if you cause loss or damage, for example during renovation, for which you are liable as the owner of the apartment or property.
  • Lessor's legal expenses insurance lets you prepare against legal disputes related to a buy-to-let home or property, such as disputes between when buying or selling a home.
  • Lessor's consequential loss insurance compensates you if your apartment or property is temporarily unfit to live in due to damage and you lose out on rental income during a renovation.

The required amounts of maximum compensation and deductibles can be selected in a flexible and apartment-specific manner.

With Lessor's insurance, your property is always protected

Owners of buy-to-let homes should keep in mind that the housing company’s insurance does not always cover all losses and damage. The housing company or property may have outsourced its liability for matters such as roof structures or plumbing to shareholders. With lessor's insurance, you also ensure that your buy-to-let home is insured against extended maintenance liabilities imposed on shareholders. 

Lessor's insurance and its additional cover comprehensively protect everything you need to insure as the lessor.