Manage your business finances with OP Business mobile

OP Business mobile is a mobile app designed for micro and small companies – it is the entrepreneur’s everyday partner. Key services are always available to you, which ensures that you can manage your finances on time. You can also manage your investments whenever it suits you.

“With our mobile service for companies and entrepreneurs, you can do your company’s banking transactions with ease, which allows you to focus on your business” Laura Oinas, Product Manager, OP

OP Business mobile offers basic banking services for you to manage your company’s daily banking and investments easily irrespective of time and place. OP's own mobile application enables you to use online banking services securely and neatly with your smart phone or tablet.

You can login to the application securely using your fingerprint, confirm received e-invoices and view your company’s account balances. On OP Business mobile, you can also see your investments, buy and sell mutual fund units and follow you mutual fund orders. Our comprehensive invoicing service provides modern tools for invoicing your customers. With OP Business mobile, you can use the same invoicing service as on the op.fi service: on OP business mobile, you can even complete an invoice that you started drawing up on the online service and monitor accounts receivable anywhere and anytime. OP Business mobile also offers the opportunity to send reminders and credit notes, as well as invoices by e-mail and select the invoicing frequency of your choice.

In addition, OP Business mobile enables you to easily compile the data you need for your accountant. You can monitor your company’s loans and apply for financing for your company. OP Claim Help will assist you in case of loss or damage. In the application, you can also start an online meeting if you want to talk to one of our experts, and you can contact our customer service.

You can download OP Business mobile to your own device free of charge from the App Store or from the Play store using the buttons on this page. You can log into OP Business mobile using your personal online user identifiers. You can try out the service right away in demo mode without your user identifiers. Keep the application up to date to enable all features. The application is available not only in Finnish but also in Swedish and English.

OP Business mobile is provided by OP Financial Group.

Your company’s daily banking on OP Business mobile is easy. It is easy to login to the application using your fingerprint and no key code is needed. We will continuously add new useful business features to the application.

The basic services enable you to do, for instance, the following:


  • Confirm, edit and remove e-invoices
  • Open an e-invoice to see its itemisation before confirming the payment
  • View, edit and remove payments falling due
  • Make a new payment, also using company-specific payment templates
  • Make a payment using barcode
  • Save a payment as a payment template, save edited payment template
  • Make cross-border SEPA payments (not international payment orders)

My transfer:

  • Make own transfers from your company's account to another


  • Track holdings in your custody, related developments and events
  • Track the performance of mutual funds
  • Buy and sell mutual fund units and track your mutual fund orders


  • Create and send bills (e-invoice, email invoice and paper printouts)
  • Create and send recurring invoices
  • Save invoice drafts
  • Copy as a new invoice
  • Monitor invoices, invoice archive (sent, open, paid, invalid and late invoices)
  • Generate an invoicing summary
  • Send reminder invoices and credit notes
  • Forward sales invoices by email (e.g. to your accountant)
  • Delivery note

Customer and product management:

  • Customer data management
  • Add customer details to an invoice directly from the customer register
  • Create and manage work duties and products, and including them in invoices

Other services:

  • The Remember Me functionality enables logging in without a key code
  • Logging into the application using fingerprint or face recognition
  • Send your contact and invoicing details electronically (by email or SMS)
  • Contact the bank via message
  • Start an online meeting with a bank’s expert
  • Report a lost or stolen card
  • Order and exchange a key code list
  • Name and hide accounts, and change the order in which they are shown
  • Apply for a loan for your company
  • Download and send accounting records
  • Check instructions in cases of loss or damage.

The application also includes many other services you can test by tapping "Try out the service" within the app.

You can download OP Business mobile to your smartphone from your app store free of charge. Currently, the app is available for smartphones and tablets running on iOS or Android.

OP Business mobile is used with your user identifiers for OP eServices, but access rights to the various services depend on your company's agreements with us. Once you have downloaded OP Business mobile on your smart device, the app will tell you what to do if you cannot access all features.

OP Business mobile can be used with devices using the iOS operating system (iPhone, iPad) and phones and tablets using the Android operating system.

OP Business mobile for iPhone can be used with an iPhone (5 or later) running the iOS 9.0 operating system (or newer). You will also need an App Store account to be able to download the app from App Store. If you have an Android device, the operating system should be 5.0 or newer, and for downloading the app, you need user identifiers for the Play store.