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Euro-Center assisting you abroad

If you become ill or are injured when travelling abroad, Eurooppalainen’s Travel Emergency Service will help you 24 hours a day.

Eurooppalainen’s Travel Emergency Service serves you 24/7 on +358 10 253 0011

Our services include helping you find a reliable doctor or hospital at your destination, and with any payment commitment matters. You should always contact the Travel Emergency Service if you are hospitalised or need to have examinations or surgery.

Instructions for various kinds of losses in OP Claim Help

You can check in OP Claim Help even before your trip for the nearest doctor or hospital in your destination recommended by Travel Emergency Service.

OP Claim Help will also help you with any other travel losses, such as luggage theft or interruption of your journey.

OP Claim Help is available at vahinkoapu.op.fi and in OP-mobile.

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Go to OP Claim Help and see instructions for loss events.

Contact information in case of vehicle losses

If you trip is interrupted because of damage or fault to your car, phone Falck.

  • In Finland and abroad, +358 (0)10 253 0012