Nokia extends commitment to network security for the 5G world

10.06.2019 klo 12:00 Nokia extends commitment to network security for the 5G world

Press Release

  * Launches DFSEC 2.0: an enhanced security program to address the critical
    security needs of 5G wide area networks
  * Opens "Future X Security" Laboratory (FXSec): a new security end-to-end
    testing and verification lab at Nokia Bell Labs headquarters in Murray Hill,
    New Jersey
  * Initiatives will seek to address the critical security needs of the end-to-
    end mission-critical networks that will define the 5G era

10 June 2019

Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announces a significant extension of its long-held
commitment to the highest standards in network security, unveiling an enhanced
security program and establishing an advanced security testing and verification
laboratory: both designed to address the critical security needs of 5G end-to-
end (E2E) networks.

Nokia has a long-standing commitment to creating secure products via its
comprehensive, industry-leading Design For Security (DFSEC) process. DFSEC
ensures that security is designed into every product from the start, undergoing
rigorous security testing prior to commercial release. Launched today, a new
program - DFSEC 2.0 - will build on this leadership in security development by
focusing on additional verification work in the areas of E2E identity
management, network slicing and SDN security, virtualization, and OAM, including
patch management.

To support collaborative research and development across the DFSEC 2.0 program,
Nokia is opening the "Future X Security" (FXSec) Lab. Built as an extension of
Nokia's Future X network lab in Nokia Bell Labs in Murray Hill, this lab will be
open to communications service providers and industries to facilitate joint
testing and verification of industrial automation solutions in private local
area networks (LANs) and across public wide area networks (WANs).

Marcus Weldon, Corporate Chief Technology Officer and President of Nokia Bell
Labs, says: "End-to-end 5G networks will fundamentally transform societies by
providing ultra-high-speed wireless connectivity allowing massive, low latency
ultra-reliable streaming data that will drive intelligent automation for a wide
array of infrastructure, industries and enterprises. But with great opportunity
comes significant security risk that must be addressed end-to-end, using an
array of novel techniques and technologies. As the most trusted end-to-end
solution provider in the 5G era, Nokia is taking a leadership position in
defining and building advanced security solutions that will meet mission-
critical needs, leveraging the deep and extensive security research and
disruptive innovations from Nokia Bell Labs.

Defining 5G security standards for the future

The E2E 5G networks that will define this new era are a significant advance from
the closed systems and technologies in previous generations. Software Defined
Networking (SDN) with distributed cloud infrastructure and augmented intelligent
control systems will allow networks to scale in the 5G era, powering the next
billion connected things, systems, machines and people.

However, open interfaces and commonly available technology also introduce new
networking infrastructure security challenges, as does the addition of billons
of unverified devices that will be used to sense and control the physical
world.  Therefore, a new approach is warranted that goes beyond today's security
for 'best effort' networks, to enable security for E2E mission-critical

Nokia's 7 key research areas for secure design

In building the new security approach for LAN and WAN, Nokia will be
incorporating advanced research from Nokia Bell Labs to create Network Slicing
Security Solutions that will ensure security and trustworthiness of the end-to-
end network slices - the critical connectivity and service fabric for industrial
applications in the 5G era. These security solutions are based on 7 key research

 1. "Accountable Security" that provides failproof identification of industrial
    IoT devices in mobile and dynamic environments
 2. "Physical and Virtual Device Integrity Protection" that provides scalable
    device attestation (hardware, firmware and software) across the supply chain
 3. Artificial Intelligence enabled "Threat Detection and Mitigation for Network
 4. "Fine-grained Security Policy Management" which dynamically tailors network
    slice elements to meet specified security requirements
 5. "Dynamic data protection" which addresses the issue of data isolation across
    mobile devices, applications and slices
 6. "Microservice Behavioral Fingerprinting" that is a unique machine learning
    based anomalous behavior detection of third party and open-source 5G
 7. Paradigm shift in design for security that provides run-time mitigation of
    potential security concerns with rapid feedback into development cycle using
    DevSecOps models

The next generation "Future X Security" for end-to-end mission critical networks
will leverage Nokia Bell Labs long-standing leadership in researching and
standardizing security solutions. Nokia Bell Labs has the leading patent filings
in key areas of security of 5G and E2E networks - including aspects of multi-
tenancy, slicing, and industrial IoT - and for trust and patch management,
remote attestation, security management and orchestration. Beyond patents, Nokia
has taken an active leadership role in supporting the development of key
industry standards by working with 3GPP and ETSI.

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Through our research teams, including the world-renowned Nokia Bell Labs, we are
leading the world to adopt end-to-end 5G networks that are faster, more secure
and capable of revolutionizing lives, economies and societies. Nokia adheres to
the highest ethical business standards as we create technology with social
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