Talenom Plc: Manager's Transactions

22.11.2019 klo 12:00 Talenom Plc: Manager's Transactions

Talenom Plc, Manager's Transactions 22 November 2019 at 12:00

Talenom Plc: Manager's Transactions

Person subject to the notification requirement Name: Tahkola Katriina   Position: Closely associated person   Person discharging managerial responsibilities in issuer Name: Tahkola Harri Position: Member of the Board/Deputy member         Initial Notification   Reference number: 7437008E4R0N45B8J675_20191121181312_9       Issuer Name: Talenom Oyj LEI: 7437008E4R0N45B8J675       Transaction details Transaction date: 2019-11-21 Venue: NASDAQ HELSINKI LTD (XHEL) Nature of the transaction: Acquisition   Instrument: Share ISIN: FI4000153580   Volume: 119 Unit price: 38.70000 Euro Volume: 23 Unit price: 38.60000 Euro Volume: 34 Unit price: 38.50000 Euro Volume: 268 Unit price: 38.30000 Euro Volume: 30 Unit price: 38.20000 Euro Volume: 61 Unit price: 38.20000 Euro   Aggregated transactions Volume: 535 Volume weighted average price: 38.39757 Euro