Further confirmation by SMS

When logging into the service, you will, when required, receive an SMS indicating which key code to use. On your key code list, find the key code corresponding to the serial number indicated in the SMS and enter it into the service. Do not enter the serial number given in the SMS.

SMS confirmation will not be required every time. When not required, you will login using your username, password and the key code list, as usual.

This is how further confirmation with an SMS works

Please note that the serial number for the key code is shown in the SMS without leading zeros.


If you receive a further confirmation SMS when confirming a payment:

1. Check that the details in the SMS correspond to the payment you are confirming. 
2. Have available your paper key code list.
3. On the key code list, select the key code whose serial number is in the SMS. Please note that the serial number in the SMS is shown without leading zeros. For example, the number 0130 is shown as 130 in the SMS.
4. Confirm the payment with the number on the paper key code list.

Was your user ID locked? 

If your user ID or key code list has been locked, you can try to re-log into the service after 24 hours. Your user ID will be reactivated if you type them correctly when you log in next time. If you re-type a wrong user ID, you can reactivate it by visiting an OP cooperative bank branch.

Is your further confirmation phone number incorrect or missing from your details?

Read what to do if you wish to add or switch your further confirmation phone number

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