Uusi kirjautumisnäkymä

Soon you can authenticate yourself on op.fi by using the Mobile key too

Soon you can also select the Mobile key as a means of authentication on op.fi. Its use will be extended to op.fi alongside the key code list during early 2020. It will be possible to use the Mobile key in other services too, such as MyTax and Kela, and for confirming online payments.

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The Mobile key is an authentication method that enables you to log in and confirm payments and transactions by using your personal device and a PIN code you’ve selected yourself. In order to use the Mobile key in our services, you’ll need a smartphone or tablet, to which you can download OP’s free-of-charge mobile app: OP-mobile or OP Business mobile. 

Mobile key – always with you 

The Mobile key is always with you and it can’t be copied. If is a safe means of authentication that already works in login and the confirmation of payments and transactions on OP-mobile and OP Business mobile. 

Changes to login view

Extending the use of the Mobile key to op.fi will change the login view. In the future, you can log into op.fi by using either the key code list or the Mobile key. We will announce the date of the login view change later.

You can continue to use the key code list too

You can continue to log in and confirm payments and transactions by using the key code list, too. In that case, select key code list as the means of authentication. You will then log into op.fi using your username, password and, if needed, an SMS sent to your further confirmation number containing key code information needed for the confirmation. SMS confirmation will not be required every time. When not required, you will login using your username, password and the key code list.

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