Kuva pankkikonttorista

Group member cooperative banks

The mission of OP Financial Group's member cooperative banks is to promote the sustainable prosperity, security and wellbeing of its owner-customers, customers and operating regions.

OP Financial Group includes 141 OP cooperative banks (1 May 2020) operating throughout Finland. Group member cooperative banks are independent, local deposit banks engaged in retail banking. Helsinki Area Cooperative Bank (OP Helsinki), is responsible for providing corresponding retail banking services in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

In terms of the type of their business organisation, the member cooperative banks are cooperatives whose basic values underlying decision-making include the one member, one vote principle. Everyone can become an owner-customer of a Group member bank by paying a cooperative contribution. The members, who are made up primarily of private individuals, elect from amongst their number their own bank’s administrative staff.

A cooperative as a type of business organisation and the cooperative ideology create continuity and community spirit in OP's operating region. Member cooperative banks use their profits for the benefit of their customers by providing loyalty benefits and other financial benefits and by developing and maintaining their service capabilities.

Group member cooperative banks provide modern and competitive banking services to local households, SMEs, agricultural and forestry customers and public-sector entities.

Group member banks' operations are based on cooperative ideals, a strong capital base and capable risk management. As financial services providers owned by their customers, Group member cooperative banks have not only their business role but they also play a significant social role.