Pohjola Sairaala

Pohjola Hospital

Pohjola Hospital is an orthopaedic hospital that provides care and rehabilitation for demanding musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. We provide treatment if you are injured in an accident at work or at home or during leisure time, travel or sports, or if your condition is related to musculoskeletal disorders. Our services include all specialties that support orthopaedics and hand surgery, including physiatry, neurosurgery and neurology. As our customer, you also receive assistance for rehabilitation and pain relief. Pohjola Hospital is an independent, OP Financial Group hospital to which all private and corporate customers are welcome.

Health care whole-heartedly.

Pohjola Hospital's operating principle includes ensuring that the customer gets prompt treatment and can return to normal as quickly as possible. That is why the hospital specifically measures the following two aspects on an ongoing basis: the length of stay in the clinical pathway and customer satisfaction.

Treatment performed by top-notch doctors and nurses as well as expert physiotherapists is available to you under the same roof. Pohjola Hospital's health case managers will support you along the medical pathway.

You do not need to have any insurance to come to the hospital or be an Pohjola Insurance policyholder: Pohjola Hospital cooperates with several insurance companies and our health case managers also help customers in claims.

If necessary, it is possible to handle claims for several insurance policies in the hospital.

The first Pohjola Hospital was established in Helsinki in 2013 under the name of Omasairaala. The new Pohjola Hospital name was adopted in August 2016 when a Pohjola Hospital unit opened its doors in Tampere. In 2017–2018, Pohjola Hospitals will arrive in Oulu, Kuopio and Turku too.

Healthcare services are provided by Pohjola Hospital Ltd.