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Frequently Asked Questions about OP recruitment

OP is all of us. We are a cooperative family strongly managed by our core values that provides customers with services for daily life and support of major changes of life. The core values steering all our operations are Responsibility, a People-first Approach and Prospering Together. For us, boldness means a driving force – we are building the new OP and a new society together with our customers.

Bring all your talent and personality to us and start building an organisation which is more than just a workplace to all of us.

At OP, you will be a member of top experts from the very first day. Everyone is important to us and we encourage all people to share their views and knowledge. Welcome to join us!


How to apply for a job at OP?

All OP’s vacancies can be found on our website. To apply for a job, please fill in an application form. We will process only applications filed through the system. We also announce some vacancies on the OP LinkedIn profile.

Fill in the application carefully

Describe in the application how your skills match the job and what inspires you. Also tell us why you are interested in a career at OP. We hope that you attach your CV and covering letter. In the covering letter, you should mention why you are the right person for job in terms of your skills, background, personality or other qualities.

Let your personality and skills shine in a job interview

A promising job applicant usually has one or two interviews with an immediate superior and OP Financial Group’s recruitment consultant. The purpose of the interview is to tell you more about the vacancy and the company proposing the job. Moreover, the interview involves talking about how your skills match the open job and how you would fit into OP’s corporate culture, core values and needs – and vice versa. Be ready to answer questions about tangible evidence of your accomplishments and career objectives.

Personal assessments

As part of recruitment and supplementing the interview, OP performs a personal assessment supplementing the interview that is used to assess your suitability for the job. This is performed by OP Financial Group’s recruitment consultants who will always give your feedback on the results of the assessment. All assessments are confidential.

Recruitment decision

Following the interviews and any assessments, we will check the shortlisted candidates’ background and referees. We request your permission for this in the interview.

We will inform the person selected as soon as possible. All applicants will also be notified of the termination of the recruitment process.


Where does OP advertise its open jobs?

OP advertises all open jobs on its website where you can see the ads and file your application. You can also find OP’s vacancies in a variety of other job advertisement channels.
It also pays to follow our open jobs on social media, such as OP Financial Group’s LinkedIn profile, which you can find under the name of OP Financial Group. Some of our vacancies can also be found on Twitter using topic identifier #OPrekry in the search field.

How can I fill in an open job application?

You can register for OP Financial Group’s talent community if you have not previously filled in your profile in our system. When you join our talent community, you can define search words to your liking based, for example, on location, task etc. On the basis of the search words, you will get notifications of OP jobs. If you have already applied for jobs at OP Financial Group, you can also give a more detailed description of your education and career history in your own candidate profile.

As under 18 years of age, am I an eligible job candidate?

We hire only adults.

Can I apply for a part-time job?

Yes. We announce all open jobs on our career pages. This also includes part-time jobs.

Can I send my application and CV by email?

All applications should be filed directly in our recruitment system. Applications assigned to an open job and filed in our recruitment system will get more easily noticed than those sent by email.

How can I fill in an electronic application?

You can create your profile here

Can I fill in the application in part and save it?

Yes. You can find your application for a specific job in your candidate profile under saved applications. You can anytime supplement your details and add attachments (CV, covering letter and other attachments). The details will remain in your profile and you can always apply for different jobs with updated data and attachments.

Can I edit the application after I have sent it?

You can edit the already sent application as long as the job is vacant. You can find your application in your candidate profile under Jobs Applied.

What documents should I attach to the application?

We hope that you attach your CV, which shows a comprehensive description of your previous experience and educational background, and any other relevant information. We also hope that you attach a covering letter providing more detailed information on your background, yourself and the reason why you are interested in the specific job. If you wish, you can also attach any references or other documents that you think could be relevant to the job.

Can I make use of my LinkedIn profile in applying for a job?

The LinkedIn profile helps the recruiter to perceive your background and skills on a more comprehensive basis. You can also apply for a job by using your LinkedIn profile or attaching the address of your LinkedIn profile to your application (e.g. to the CV or covering letter).

Can I apply for more than one job using a single application form?

With your candidate profile, you can apply for several jobs at the same time. It is advisable to update the covering letter for each job. The CV and the covering letter will remain job-specific in your application even if you edited your candidate profile or applied for another job using updated attachments.

How long does OP’s recruitment process last?

The recruitment process duration depends on the job that is vacant. For each recruitment, however, we seek to make a decision well in advance so that every applicant will be promptly informed of the outcome of the recruitment.

Whom can I contact in recruitment-related issues?

For certain recruitment, you should contact the person mentioned in the job advertisement who is the best person to tell you about how the recruitment process proceeds.

How long will open applications be stored?

Your candidate profile will be stored in our system for 24 months of the date of your last login. We will store application-specific details for two years in our system.

How can I apply for a summer job at OP?

Our application period for summer jobs is January–February or so. We will announce more exact application periods for each job as soon as we have posted a job.  Please also mention in your application the jobs in which you are interested. We will advertise summer jobs on our website. We would appreciate it if you could send your application as quickly as possible because, for certain jobs, we will begin interviews already before the closing date of applications.