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Sales and customer service

Customer service and a superior customer experience are at the heart of our operations. OP is known to be highly reliable, and we want to continuously maintain and improve our service level.

Sales and customer service comprise the largest offering of jobs and duties within OP. This category includes various levels of customer service and specialist duties in financing and insurance, back office duties enabling sales, senior product and service specialist duties as well as sales trainer duties.

According to a comparison of banks made by the esteemed news agency Bloomberg, OP Financial Group ranked number one in Europe and number eight in the world and in terms of financial strength. OP was the only European bank to make it into the top ten.

Financial sector

OP is Finland's leading provider of home and corporate loans. Transformation of the financial sector means, above all, change in customer experience. OP approaches each customer in a comprehensive manner, considering property, banking and insurance matters. We act as our customer’s partner related to finance, considering their financial security and wellbeing, and giving advice in both everyday questions as well as at life’s major turning points.

At OP, you will be able to work in a wide range of duties in financing for private or corporate customers. Succeeding in these jobs requires a customer service mindset, result-oriented approach and broad-based thinking. The financial sector also offers great opportunities for those thinking about a career change.

In a job candidate, we value versatile professional competences, digital literacy, discretion, service mindset and teamwork skills. You can understand the customer’s need even when merely mentioned in passing and find the best total solution for them. You can put yourself in the customer’s shoes – they say that during loan negotiations, many OP employees open their desk drawer and offer little toy cars for the customer’s children.

Insurance sector

OP is Finland’s leading non-life insurer. OP provides its private customers and corporate and institutional customers with a diverse range of comprehensive insurance solutions. We keep our promises and our claims services help the customer to get quickly back to normal after an unexpected situation in life. OP's Non-life Insurance divisions consist of Private Customers, Corporate Customers and Health and Wellbeing.

Our insurance sales staff serve customers via multiple channels across Finland. The educational background of those working within insurance is highly varied: some are engineers, others nurses or mathematicians. The duties are indeed highly versatile – we employ, for example, claims advisors, insurance and claims handlers, insurance legislation specialists as well as insurance portfolio management and service development specialists, account managers and sales directors.

Wealth Management

OP offers a comprehensive selection of solutions for savings, investment, cash management and asset management ranging from modern risk reporting to portfolio analysis. We have one of the most extensive ranges of international investment vehicles, covering private equity, hedge fund and property investments, in addition to conventional investment asset classes. In addition, OP offers a comprehensive selection of securities brokerage, custody and analysis services. Our award-winning equity analyst team tracks some 90 listed companies, prepares forecasts and recommendations on a company and sector-specific basis and produces diverse analysis reports on macroeconomics, stock markets and industries.