Työkulttuuri 3.0

Bold corporate culture

OP proudly presents: Our bold corporate culture

OP's corporate culture is based on our core values: a People-first Approach, Responsibility and Prospering Together. Enabling our cooperative success through decades, these values do not change over time but, rather, they will remain the cornerstone of our corporate culture also in the future. 

At the same time we consider change as a thoroughly positive, inevitable and inspiring phenomenon. We think change should not only be tolerated but also embraced as a priority in all operations. This forms another equally strong cornerstone of our corporate culture: boldness.

Reinventing ourselves requires boldness both from supervisors as well as employees, the courage to live up to one's values today and tomorrow.

Boldness a key ingredient of OP people

Boldness at OP is not just words – it is at the core of OP Financial Group and our corporate culture. We do not stand still doing things the way they have been done before. Going beyond improving what already exists, we want to create something completely new.

In order to build something which doesn't exist yet and to set off on a road we haven't taken before, we need each OP employee to lead the way and participate in new things. This is not always easy – quite the contrary – but is rewarding.

Revolutionising the industry from inside and outside

At the forefront of industry development, we create innovations revolutionising our customers’ daily lives. We also develop our community boldly: to spur and foster innovation, for example, we have adopted activity based premises and created jobs improving cross team collaboration. To help counterbalance and nurture the bold attitude, we seek to ensure employee wellbeing and enable forward-looking work arrangements. While OP employees are based all around Finland, work is not tied to time and place.

Happiness in the workplace

OP's corporate culture is also a strategic success factor. Job satisfaction at OP is high. When employees are happy, they can form top teams and transform into true drivers of change in the world of work. Happiness arises from the opportunity to express oneself and get full support. It also stems from being seen as a holistic human being whose life situation may change from time to time.

Realisation of equality is essential at OP. We respect the difference of others and see diversity as an organisational strength. We provide support to each employee’s needs and characteristics – in order to grow and shine together.

Unparalleled management

We are making OP’s management style a benchmark across industry boundaries. Our management culture aims to take OP Financial Group through the industry disruption. This can only be achieved in an environment enabling excelling at work and achievement of results.

Creating a spirit of reinvention by setting an example, we want to continuously build OP employees’ competences. We are confident that work is, rather, steered by OP’s core values than by supervisors. Positive atmosphere and actions based on core values lay the foundations for superior customer experience.

Meaningfulness and sharing

OP’s corporate culture enables our employees to lead a balanced and good life with a meaningful job while remaining themselves and taking pride in the journey they're on. Together we laugh, have coffee breaks, send off a father on to parental leave, celebrate a customer’s anniversary and refine each other’s ideas into creative concepts.

Can you hear it already? It starts from OP’s head office in Helsinki and spreads all the way to the Utsjoki branch in the very north. It is OP employees' boldness calling, exclaiming with enthusiasm. Come along!