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Career development at OP

Career development at OP – Become the best version of yourself

We want to offer you a meaningful job, in which you feel you are the best version of yourself. You will get versatile career and development opportunities, enjoy an encouraging organisational climate and have a supervisor who shows you how our core values – People-first approach, Reliability and Prospering together – manifest in our daily operations.

You can plan your career but, above all, you need to be active in creating it yourself. Our journey towards a diversified services company of the new era offers extensive opportunities for your career path.

Internal career opportunities

With OP, you can build a career that reflects who you are. You can get started by clarifying your own goals, expectations and strengths and by mapping the options that suit you. We support your career development by promoting open jobs and business-specific development paths, as well as diverse competence development opportunities.

In our self-managed operating model, the employee’s opportunities to affect their work and their outlook for the future are no longer tied to the hierarchy in the traditional way. By trying different tasks and activities, you will also get to know yourself and your own strengths. 

Vacancies at OP Financial Group

OP Financial Group has open positions for those who seek new challenges and opportunities to broaden their competence. We have a wide range of opportunities under different functions: business functions, centres of excellence, banks and OP Koti.