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Career development at OP

Career development at OP – Become the best version of yourself

We want to offer you a meaningful job, in which you feel you are the best version of yourself. You will get versatile career and development opportunities, enjoy an encouraging organisational climate and have a supervisor who shows you how our core values – People-first approach, Reliability and Prospering together – manifest in our daily operations.

You can plan your career but, above all, you need to be active in creating it yourself. Our journey towards a diversified services company of the new era offers extensive opportunities for your career path.

Create your career path

As a new employee, you will be able to influence in which area you could specialise. Management? Is interaction with other people your strength? Perhaps you spot a person’s growth potential particularly well – or maybe you are a hard-core developer? Do you want to see other places or rather stay in your region?

As our employee, you can end up having multiple careers within OP Financial Group. We offer opportunities – your career path is yours to make.

Training enables growth and advancement

The world of work requires continuous development of competences and learning new skills. To succeed as OP Financial Group and as individuals, we need to pay attention to continuous competence development. Each OP employee has a personal development plan outlining future development. It can include development of knowledge and skills, such as online studies, education, diplomas in your field, on-the-job learning or, if you so wish, job rotation. Job rotation enables professional development and advancement in your career path. Implementation of the plan is ensured by regular performance reviews and coaching discussions with your supervisor.

We are enthusiastic about continuous development – about staying at the top. We develop continuously improving services for more and more satisfied customers. And we enjoy our work.


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