Erno Mononen

Erno joined OP from a competitor to develop new cloud analytics-based platforms

‘As Lead Developer, I can both get my hands dirty and take a step back to look at the big picture,’ says Erno Mononen of his role at OP.

A graduate of the University of Jyväskylä, Erno Mononen has worked with employers ranging from a sustainable development reporting startup to a variety of software companies. By chance, his career took a turn for the financial sector, first at a competitor and now as Lead Developer at OP with eighteen months already behind him.

‘Chance brought me to the financial sector, as the industry offered some truly exciting assignments for developers. I ended up at OP after receiving a tip from a friend already in the company. As the vacancy and the technological tools available instantly sparked my interest, the decision to move to OP from a competitor was an easy one.’

Cloud platform development with modern technologies

Erno works as part of a development team for a cloud analytics platform. The team is tasked with developing and maintaining a platform which other data warehouse tribes and various business segments can use in their services. Right now, the cloud platform is used for tasks such as big data processing and various interfaces.

‘As the cloud platform, we use technologies such as AWS and make extensive use of the services offered by AWS, including AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, RDS, SQS, Kinesis, CloudFormation and EMR. We develop intelligent microservices and data warehouses for the cloud platform and use it to process massive quantities of data,’ says Erno.

Transferring data to the cloud allows working with modern technologies and new possibilities for different business segments. For developers, the cloud and large masses of data offer diverse tasks as well as new learning opportunities and career paths.

‘Our development work takes place mainly with Scala, Java and Python, with Apache Spark and SpringBoot as software frameworks, among others. In my role, I get to be involved in development work as well as oversee development practices and ensure that the work supports the selected architecture,’ Erno adds.

The possibilities and work culture of a large company

OP offers developers opportunities to work on a variety of projects that influence the daily lives of as many as millions of people. Despite its long history, the company is capable of working with the latest technologies and practices in cloud services. Erno’s team works according to a new, agile model. The aim of the model is to increase freedom and decision-making power within teams and offer more effective ways of working for developers.

‘Our team works effectively according to DevOps principles, meaning that we can independently develop, release and maintain services. In addition to exciting technologies, we get to see how our development work influences the company’s business in practical terms. We employ a very extensive portfolio of technologies,’ Erno says.

Erno has been satisfied with the development opportunities offered by OP, and believes that the company is an attractive employer for industry professionals.

‘OP has met my expectations well and has offered the right amount of challenge. As an employer, OP is responsible and believes in genuinely investing in employees in the long term. Personally, I can recommend us to anyone who has the drive to change the world,’ Erno sums up.

Information security and scalability

OP is continuously developing and releasing new interfaces to provide better access to data to customers and different business segments.

‘Our development is driven by the use of general purpose interfaces. Designing service interfaces for use by the entire Group adds both to the challenge of the work and makes it all the more meaningful,’ Erno asserts.

Erno’s interests also include information security and service scalability. As a large company, OP offers excellent resources for developing different kinds of services, on top of producing enormous amounts of data.

‘We get to work on things with real meaning, using the latest technologies and with a team of great co-workers,’ Erno sums up.