Tiina Seppänen

Teamwork and personal development – Tiina discovered new viewpoints on professional growth from OP Design & Software

For Tiina Seppänen, Test Specialist at OP Design & Software, professional drive has always been guided by an engaged approach to work as part of a competent and multi-talented team.

“Working with others brings me the most joy to my day,” the experienced software testing professional sums up.

When Seppänen began her career at OP in 2015, the crucial factors in the choice of new employer had to do with OP’s people-oriented reputation. She wanted to find a work community that functioned as one big family. Having already worked in such a community earlier in her career, she knew what to look for. When Seppänen chose OP as her new place of work, the company’s people were fundamental in the decision.

“We have an excellent community spirit, both within the team and across all of OP. In addition to an engaged approach to work, I am also motivated by a commitment to my work community,” Seppänen describes the professional importance of the work community.

Seppänen can see long-term opportunities ahead of her, as she considers OP to be a strong brand and a continuously developing operator that provides possibilities for professional growth.

“It is exciting that while I am currently working with product development related to banking and insurance, I could next transfer within OP to work on another field, such as welfare technology, thanks to the expansion of OP’s operations to health services through Pohjola Hospitals.”

Her career at OP began in Oulu as part of the dynamic Design & Software unit, which offered an optimal operating environment for the software testing professional.

Continuous and joint learning

I have always enjoyed being part of practical testing. I find that it is where I can best influence the quality of the work, and I enjoy working as a team.”

As a Test Specialist, Seppänen is a part of a team that specialises in communications media, such as online meetings and messages and chat services. She ensures that the services are of high quality and provide an excellent user experience, both for customers and employees who utilise them in their work.

Seppänen is a part of a ten-person Scrum team, where user interface design, software development and service design work together to produce high-quality products and customer experience.

“All of us are constantly learning new and challenging each other through teamwork. When working on something just by yourself, it’s easy to miss all the details.”

From the viewpoint of an experienced professional, a particularly rewarding aspect of daily work is the open and direct interaction in the work community, which in turn translates to high-quality service for end users.

“It is great that we all work in the same space. I am able to go over to my coworker responsible for service design to try and find the optimal solution for the customer together.”

This kind of interaction allows for a fast-paced and motivating work culture, which is ideal for Seppänen’s solution-oriented mindset and social personality.

“Our team is mostly free of outside dependencies, which speeds up our work. We can react to changes quickly and make independent decisions.”

Seppänen feels that her professional development is helped by the culture of open dialogue and the critical evaluation of processes within the work community. The secret to success is the mutual trust between coworkers, which is reflected in the relaxed work culture.

“Our team is full of talented individuals, and our way of working is relaxed and determined. The activities for the day are discussed at the daily scrum, and other matters over morning coffee. We’ve grown to become a tight-knit team.”

Attractive opportunities

The drive for professional development is central to Seppänen’s attitude towards her work. As a seasoned expert, she is especially appreciative of the fact that OP listens and supports her aspirations for personal development. Seppänen commends OP in particular for its encouragement of self-improvement.

“The company provides good opportunities for training and encourages personal development.”

Seppänen sees the role of Scrum Master or responsibilities related to software testing as the next intriguing possibilities in her career. The role of a Scrum Master would be well-suited to her people-oriented approach to work, and at the same time would open up a new area of personal development through the responsibilities for coordinating teamwork.

“I want to learn new and develop as a professional. It is a great feeling to challenge oneself and find that you’ve grown in the process. It is particularly rewarding that I am given the tools to achieve that,” Seppänen says.

Seppänen feels that for testing professionals such as herself, OP offers opportunities also outside one’s core competencies. This is especially exciting for her personally, as it opens up the opportunity to challenge herself with new areas of responsibility and roles.

Seppänen understands that seeking new perspectives and having an open-minded approach to stepping outside your comfort zone are the keys to self-improvement.

“It’s good to feel a little nervous when tackling a new task for the first time. It means that what you’re doing is something that will develop your expertise and improve you as a professional.”