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Why OP – What do we offer to you?

Why OP – What we offer to you

In the midst of digitisation and transformation of customer experience, OP is a pioneer of innovation on its way towards becoming a diversified services company of modern times. We are a versatile and dynamic employer, benefiting from our strong Finnish brand in the labour market.  OP owes it all to talented and committed people. When OP employees are asked why they like their job, three things stand out: our focus on customers, humane attitude and values.

We have over a hundred years of experience in understanding job satisfaction and provision of the most rewarding jobs in the industry, and this is an area in which we will continue to invest also in the future. Career opportunities, job meaningfulness and our corporate culture with community spirit attract people to work at OP and also keep them there.

Unique career opportunities

At OP, you can get challenging duties right from the start and seize diversified development opportunities to advance your specialist or supervisor career. OP is a cooperative, which means that your efforts have a direct impact on our customers’ financial prosperity, security and wellbeing. This community spirit, social impact opportunities, top expertise and innovative attitude create the foundations for a meaningful job and a long-lasting career. We offer an opportunity to join one of Finland’s most interesting companies. We view the future with passion and have the confidence to build it.

Our aim is to ensure that bringing your expertise to us would be rewarding for you in many ways.  We want to live alongside our employees through the different stages of their lives, just as we live alongside our customers as their needs change.

Growing and successful OP personnel

Promoting the prosperity and wellbeing of our customers and society is the bedrock of all our work, while satisfied, competent and committed personnel forms the cornerstone of our business operations. We employ over 12,000 people in Finland and the Baltic countries. Typically our employees have long-term employment contracts with us, which is a clear signal of job satisfaction.

OP Financial Group employs experts representing various fields, ranging from financial-sector specialists, hard-core developers and agile promoters of change all the way to nurses and physicians. We foster our employees' personal growth and expert career development.

All of us are needed in order for us to become the world’s best company. Join us.


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