Lapsia Suomi 100 -lippusiima

OP celebrates 100-year-old Finland

As Finland is celebrating its centenary of independence, we have started sponsoring a good cause.

kuvaaja Suvi-Tuuli Kankaanpää

Hiiop! 100 years of volunteering

As Finland is celebrating its centenary of independence, we have started sponsoring a good cause. OP’s gift to the 100-year-old Finland is 100 person-years of volunteering. In honour of the jubilee year, all OP employees may do voluntary work for one day during their working hours. This represents half of the 100 person-year target. OP invites everybody in Finland to join in volunteering in order to accomplish the 100 person-year goal.

As part of the gift, OP launched a volunteer work exchange site,, where you can easily find a suitable place to volunteer or gather help for voluntary activities you are organising.


HundrED – 100 learning environment innovations 

The extensive project HundrED – 100 Schools aims to help Finland remain a model country for education also in future. OP is one of the project’s main sponsors. The project results in the database of educational innovations which will be given as a gift for use by all schools and teachers in the world. It is one of the most comprehensive projects concerning the future of education and schools in the world.

The traffic act of the century

OP is in honour of 100-year-old Finland the main partner of the project Vuosisadan Liikenneteko (Traffic act of the century). The aim is to increase tolerance in traffic. OP has set up an event concept, #OPLiikenneteko, which utilises virtual reality to create vibrant experiences. The events will tour Finland during 2017. The purpose of the tour, which is open to everybody, is to encourage participants to think about how they behave in traffic through virtual reality experiences.

Winter War monument

OP is honouring 100-year-old Finland by supporting the erection of a monument in Kasarmitori, Helsinki, in honour of the Winter War. The monument is based sculptor Pekka Kauhanen’s idea and the project is a collaboration between the State of Finland, City of Helsinki and Talvisotayhdistys (Winter War Association). OP has supported Talvisotayhdistys ry, the legal entity of the project, in raising funds.