Nuorten valtakunnallinen taloustaitokilpailu

OPxMoneyTalk – financial skills to children and young people

Managing your personal finances is an important life skill. Skills learned while young also reflect in our personal financial skills as adults. Young people feel they are not taught enough about financial literacy or money and want more support in learning how to manage day-to-day finances. That’s why in 2020, OP supported the personal finance skills of more than 52,000 children and young people.

OP cooperative bank visits to schools

The cornerstone of our financial literacy work consists of visits by OP cooperative bank representatives to schools and educational institutions all around Finland. OP cooperative banks also invite children and young people to visit banks and learn skills for working life, personal finances and entrepreneurship. In 2020, we encountered nearly 32,000 children and young people around Finland this way. 

In the Summer jobs paid for by OP campaign, OP cooperative banks funded summer jobs for more than 1,800 young people around Finland in 2020.

OP also supports Finnish education and expertise. In 2018, we donated a total of 1.3 million euros to universities of applied sciences. The donations were given by OP’s central cooperative and OP cooperative banks. The donations follow on from OP’s previous investments in the development of education. In previous years, OP has also given significant donations during rounds of fundraising for universities.


Financial Literacy week 22–26 March 2021

In March 2021, OP will host the Financial Literacy week with particular emphasis on the personal finance skills of children and young people. During the week, OP cooperative banks throughout Finland teach day-to-day finances and practical money skills to young people. OP celebrates the theme week for financial literacy skills as part of the Global Money Week. During the week, representatives from OP cooperative banks meet up with schools, mainly remotely, to teach financial skills to young people in the OPxMoneyTalk sessions. In the spring of 2019, OP also launched a solution room called OPxBankVault, which teaches young people about the effects of a payment default.


Financial literacy competition for ninth-graders together with the Association for Teachers of History and Social Studies in Finland

Together with the Association for Teachers of History and Social Studies (HYOL), we enhance the personal finance skills of ninth-graders in the national Financial Literacy Competition and in the events linked to it. The qualifying round of the Financial Literacy Competition will be held in early April at schools around Finland. In 2020, around 7,000 students participated in the competition.

In addition to the contest itself, OP’s goal in the Financial Literacy Competition is to teach personal finance skills to ninth-graders remotely in the OPxMoneyTalk sessions.


OP supports the Pikkuyrittäjät (Tiny Entrepreneurs) and Uskalla yrittää (Dare to Try) programmes by Junior Achievement Finland

Through our partnership with Junior Achievement Finland, OP is involved in the regional semifinals and national finals of the ‘Dare to Try’ programme. OP also supports the ‘Tiny Entrepreneurs’ programme. The purpose of these is to strengthen the working life skills of primary school and secondary school students and to help guide students towards the path of entrepreneurship. In the Tiny Entrepreneurs programme, the emphasis is particularly on elementary school-aged children, who set up their first businesses with the help of the programme.


OP is involved in Yrityskylä activities around Finland

Yrityskylä (Business Village) is a Finnish learning concept that has been awarded as the world’s best education innovation. The concept offers positive experiences in working life, the economy and society to schoolchildren in Years 7 and 10. Business Village operates in eight cities and towns, and OP supports the work of the initiative around Finland.


Financial literary and work skills for upper secondary students in cooperation with Economy and Youth TAT

Together with Economy and Youth TAT, OP and the Association for Finnish Work kicked off Finland’s largest working life tour, ‘My life’ in spring 2019. The tour gives upper secondary school students perspectives on working life, and it challenges young people to think about managing their personal finances. In 2020, the tour moved online and reached as many as 11,000 young people. The tour will also continue in 2021.

In 2021, OP Financial Group is involved in producing personal finance learning materials for business courses organised by Economy and Youth TAT.


We are involved in the Helsinki Deaconess Foundation’s financial literacy project

The Helsinki Deaconess Foundation coordinates a financial literacy project, Taloustaito, which involves bank employees giving financial literacy classes and one-on-one instruction to disadvantaged young people around the country. Launched in 2013, the project coordinates visits by OP employees to youth groups and helps young people learn personal finance skills through individual training.



The aim of the cooperation between 4H Finland, Finlands svenska 4H and OP is to support young people entering working life, improve their financial literacy and reinforce their independence in managing their personal finances.


The Money Talk survey investigated the financial literacy of Finns

In 2019, together with the Guarantee Foundation and the Martha Organisation, OP published the Money Talk survey on the present state of financial literacy in Finland. Learn more about the survey.

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