Luova tauko

Give yourself a Creative Break

Creative Break gives you the opportunity to stop for a moment in the everyday, to enjoy art and creativity.

Creative Break is OP's way of providing exciting experiences

In music, they say, rests are at least as important as the notes. Without pauses, the whole could not be perfect. The same applies to creativity and experiencing in general. Breaks also provide a chance to meet new people.

Creative Break is a concept developed by us and used in OP Financial Group's sponsorship. With its own visual identity and defined practices, the Creative Break aims to provide our customers and other stakeholders with shared experiences for all senses.

Creative Break creates an opportunity to stop for a moment in the everyday, to discover the endless possibilities of art and creativity. The concept is designed to help preserve Finnish creativity and to promote talented Finnish artists by giving them more exposure.

We have organised Creative Breaks together with our partners, such as the Helsinki Festival and the Helsinki Music Centre. A Creative Break often includes inspiring music performances to various audiences by holders of OP Art Foundation's high-value instruments.