Muut kohteet

Inspiring and learning organisations

OP's mission as a cooperative business is to promote the prosperity, well-being and security of its owner-customers, customers and operating regions through its local presence.


HundrED’s mission is to help schools around the world to change by seeking for inspiring innovations and help them to spread in Finland and abroad. The HundrED project results in the database of educational innovations available to all schools and teachers in the world. OP is one of the main partners of this non-profit project.

Startup High School is OP's godparent project. It is one of the innovations born during the first years of HundrED. In its entirety, the education programme includes online courses on implementing ideas, diverse creative thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as promoting the students’ own ideas.

Family Business Network Finland

OP has been a strategic partner of the Family Business Network Finland since 2004. The Family Business Network Finland's mission is to promote Finnish family businesses' operating conditions and responsible ownership, with particular emphasis on securing the continuity of business. OP Financial Group wants to contribute to achieving this mission.

Cooperation with its partner businesses forms a key part of the Family Business Network Finland's activities. OP is actively involved in the network's events, for instance, as an expert in training events and engaged in networking in seminars.

Pikkuyrittäjät (Junior Achievement Finland)

OP is a partner in Junior Achievement Finland’s Pikkuyrittäjät (mini-entrepreneurs) programme in which primary school pupils establish their own mini-companies. The aim of Pikkuyrittäjät is to develop the children's working life skills and social awareness in a fun and encouraging way. The goal of Pikkkuyrittäjät is to provide children with life-changing experiences and a feeling of success to show that anything can be achieved if you only keep trying.

OP takes part in Junior Achievement Finland’s Job Shadow day, among other things. The event is designed for upper secondary school and university students. During the day, the youngsters have the opportunity to become acquainted with working life by following the work of OP management.