Muut kohteet

Inspiring and learning organisations

OP's mission as a cooperative business is to promote the prosperity, well-being and security of its owner-customers, customers and operating regions through its local presence.

Family Business Network Finland

OP has been a strategic partner of the Family Business Network Finland since 2004. The Family Business Network Finland's mission is to promote Finnish family businesses' operating conditions and responsible ownership, with particular emphasis on securing the continuity of business. OP Financial Group wants to contribute to achieving this mission.

Cooperation with its partner businesses forms a key part of the Family Business Network Finland's activities. OP is actively involved in the network's events, for instance, as an expert in training events and engaged in networking in seminars.

OP is involved in Yrityskylä activities around Finland

Yrityskylä (Business Village) is a Finnish learning concept that has been awarded the world’s best education innovation. The concept offers positive experiences in working life, economy and society to schoolchildren in Years 7 and 10. Today, Yrityskylä has reached more than 300,000 children and young people and operates at eight locations in various parts of Finland. OP supports Yrityskylä activities around Finland.

JA Finland (Junior Achievement Finland)

Through our partnership with Junior Achievement Finland, OP is involved in the finale of the ‘Dare to Try’ programme. OP also supports the ‘Tiny Entrepreneurs’ programme. The purpose of these is to strengthen the working life skills of primary school and secondary school pupils and to help guide pupils towards the path of entrepreneurship. In the Tiny Entrepreneurs programme, the emphasis is particularly on elementary school-aged children, who set up their first businesses with the help of the programme.

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