Partner for safe physical activities

OP Financial Group is a versatile sponsor of sports, focusing on wellbeing, safety and knowhow. Through the selected sponsorships, our aim is to influence throughout Finland.

The Finnish Olympic Committee

OP is the main partner of the Finnish Olympic Committee within sports clubs and child physical activities. This partnership seeks to promote wellbeing of children, young people and families with children in Finland. This partnership provides OP cooperative banks with the possibility to give local support to help enhance the wellbeing of children and adolescents. The partnership also includes the traditional HIPPO Orienteering Schools, which are implemented in cooperation with the Finnish Orienteering Federation.

Finnish Ice Hockey Association

OP is one of the main partners of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association. The main focus of the partnership is to promote and maintain safety in the sport. The Finnish Ice Hockey Association is a major Finnish sports association for over 60,000 licensed players and over 190,000 recreational players. Since the majority of ice hockey players are children and young people, the association's activities have very high quality standards. Indeed, the Finnish Ice Hockey Association is one of Finland's largest associations educating young people.

Finnish Gymnastics Federation (Svoli)

The main goal of OP Financial Group's and the Finnish Gymnastics Federation's partnership is to increase, particularly among young people, the awareness of the role played by physical exercise in wellbeing. The Finnish Gymnastics Federation is the largest Finnish organisation for adults' physical activities and it seeks to promote recreational and competitive gymnastics for people of all ages and to give everyone a chance to discover the joy of sports. In order to achieve this, the Federation supports the gymnastics activities and voluntary work in its member clubs.

Finnish Floorball Federation (Suomen Salibandyliitto)

OP is a main partner of the Finnish Floorball Federation. The main focus of the partnership is to promote and maintain safety in the sport. Another priority in this partnership is to emphasise the positive impacts of physical exercise on the wellbeing and health of young people and adults. Floorball is the most popular team sports among adults in Finland. Growing even further, floorball is strengthening its role as a pioneer of a new sports culture.

Finnish Orienteering Federation (Suomen Suunnistusliitto)

Orienteering is a regular sport for around 45,000 adults and 15,000 children in Finland. Based on OP Financial Group's and the Finnish Orienteering Federation's cooperation, orienteering clubs and OP Financial Group member cooperative banks organise regional HIPPO Orienteering Schools. By supporting orienteering among young people, OP Financial Group wants to give them an opportunity for healthy and positive life experiences.

Finnish Golf Union

The partnership with the Finnish Golf Union is part of OP's wellbeing theme. Golf is a valued sport and form of lifelong physical exercise shown to have positive health impacts. A popular sport and a shared hobby for people of any age, golf helps maintain one's basic physical condition, also among senior citizens. The Finnish Golf Union has around 140,000 members.