OP Financial Group seeks funding in the international markets through its issuing entities, OP Corporate Bank plc and OP Mortgage Bank, both subsidiaries of OP Cooperative.

OP Corporate Bank plc is the central bank and the most significant subsidiary of OP Cooperative. In its wholesale funding, OP Corporate Bank aims at broad diversification, according to which it diversifies risks by maturity, counterparty, product and market area. OP Corporate Bank has EUR 20-billion Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) programme for the issuance of long-term debt instruments and EUR 18-billion Euro Commercial Paper (ECP) programme for the issuance of short-term debt instruments.

When assessing OP Corporate Bank's credit rating, credit rating agencies take account of entire OP Financial Group's financial standing, because they monitor the Group as a single entity and OP Cooperative and Group Member Credit Institutions (including OP Corporate Bank) are liable for each other's debts and commitments.

OP Mortgage Bank is the mortgage bank of OP Financial Group and it is responsible for the Group's secured funding by issuing mortgage-backed covered notes under its EUR 20-billion Euro Medium Term Covered Note programme.

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