Kuvakollaasi ihmisistä

Small, everyday acts

Even the smallest things can bring great joy

At Pohjola Insurance, we want to bring joy to everyone in Finland through many small acts. You, your company, friends and partners – all of us can take part in creating moments of joy. Small acts will not change the world, but they bring joy to both the giver and the recipient.

Participate with an act or a sum you choose, either by donating or by challenging others to take part.

Ask a friend out – a campaign for taking older people out for day trips by taxi

In the campaign organised together with the Finnish Pensioners’ Federation, Age Institute and Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People, we encourage older people who need assistance in outdoor activities to leave the house safely with a volunteer friend. We are giving out taxi vouchers to Finnish Pensioners’ Federation volunteers to use for taking an older friend on a pleasant trip to a place that has personal meaning or brings joy.

Short trips to the park, cemetery or museum, visiting friends and relatives and getting out of the house for coffee or an ice cream bring joy and rejuvenate the body and mind. Shared activities reinforce a sense of belonging and create meaningful experiences.

We have donated 50,000 euros worth of taxi vouchers to give free taxi rides to as many as 1,000 older people and their friends.

Do you or your company wish to donate lunch vouchers through Hope ry?

See the bottom of this page for more about our Lunches for Families campaign and instructions on how to donate.

Together with Hope ry, we donate around 9,600 lunches starting this June to families in need. Lunch vouchers are valid almost nationwide and can be used to support local small businesses.

For a map of locations that accept Edenred's lunch vouchers, visit edenred.fi/search-places.

Do you or your company want to donate lunch vouchers?

You can donate just one lunch or as many as you like. We use the donated funds to purchase lunch vouchers to be gifted by Hope ry. The value of one lunch voucher is 10.70 euros.

The easiest way to donate is with a smartphone using Pivo, OP-mobile or the Siirto app. The account number for donations is 888 50 9306. The Pivo app is available for free to any bank’s customers.

You can also donate using the details below:

Recipient’s name: Hope Yhdessä ja Yhteisesti ry.
Fundraising account number: FI19 5630 0020 3003 12
Reference number: 1002007

Fundraiser’s name: Hope - Yhdessä & Yhteisesti ry
Fundraising permit issued by: National Police Board, 13 May 2019
Permit number: RA/2019/425

Contact information: markkinointi@pohjola.fi. Note: Do not use email to send your personal information, such as bank account number or personal identity code.