Great Finnish success story

For over 110 years, OP Financial Group has been building Finnish society and enhanced our national prosperity. We have firm roots in Finland.

Highlights in our history of over 100 years


The fire insurance company Palovakuutus-Osakeyhtiö Pohjola is founded on 9 September 1891. Pohjola opens its office on 15 December and a total of 45 insurance applications are signed on that first day.

A bear carrying a torch already appears in Pohjola's first insurance policies.Pohjolan logo 1891


Osuuskassojen Keskuslainarahasto Osakeyhtiö (Central Lending Fund of the Cooperative Societies Limited Company) is founded on 14 May 1903. The first local cooperative credit societies are founded in autumn 1902 but lending does not actually begin until 1903 after the Central Lending Fund has received a large loan promised by the State.


Pohjola joins the Helsinki Stock Exchange being established.


Eurooppalainen Insurance Company Ltd is established to specialise in travel insurance.


The Central Association of Cooperative Funds is founded with the aim of acting in rural areas as the ideological central organisation for cooperative funds and local associations of cooperative funds and a link between them, as well as promoting cooperative credit societies.


In honour of the 50th anniversary in 1952, the cooperative credit societies adopt the Sower logo symbolising growth, saving and a sense of security.Osuuskassojen kylväjälogo 1952


The granite bear statute becomes established as Pohjola's symbol and appears in Pohjola's headed notepapers in 1968.Pohjolan logo karhupatsas 1968


The cooperative credit societies become cooperative banks. A stylised percent sign becomes the new logo. It also depicts a combination of the acronyms op and ab.osuuspankkilogo 1970


A bear paw becomes Pohjola companies' new logo in 1979.Pohjolan logo karhunkämmen


OKO Bank becomes a listed company. OKO receives around 60,000 new shareholders when it organises an initial public offering and lists its shares on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.


A non-life insurance company is established in Estonia, which later becomes a Pohjola subsidiary, Seesam International.


OP Bank Group was the first in Europe and the second in the world to provide online banking services.

The logo is modernised with its round shape conveying a message of service and people-first approach.op logo 1996


A decision is made to convert the Central Association of Cooperative Banks into a cooperative acting as the central institution of the amalgamation of cooperative banks. The Group's cooperation model undergoes a thorough reform.


The introduction of a modernised sharp-edged and strong-coloured logo that conveys a message of expertise and a high level of activity.op logo 2001


OP Bank Group becomes Pohjola Group plc's largest shareholder. With the historical significance for the Group, the transaction has been the largest ever done by OP Bank Group which branches out into non-life insurance. As a result, OP Bank Group becomes the leading financial services group in Finland.


September sees the introduction of the financial services group's new name: OP-Pohjola Group. In March, OKO Bank plc is renamed Pohjola Bank plc. OP-Pohjola Group's logo ranks among the most recognisable ones in Finland: a survey reveals that 95% of the respondents recognise it spontaneously.


OP-Pohjola Group enters 2011 with a new central organisation. Accordingly, OP-Pohjola Group Central Cooperative is split into two entities of which OP-Pohjola Group Central Cooperative as the central institution is in charge of controlling and supervising the Group's business while OP-Services Ltd, a service company separate from the central institution, is tasked with the development and production of shared services of OP-Pohjola Group and its member cooperative banks.


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