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OP Cooperative

OP Cooperative is the central institution of the amalgamation of the cooperative banks. The cooperative's members are the amalgamation's deposit banks and other credit institutions. By virtue of Laki talletuspankkien yhteenliittymästä (Act on the Amalgamation of Deposit Banks), the central institution has both the right to control its credit institutions and the obligation to supervise their operations.

OP Cooperative carries out control and supervision duties from its position at the head of the financial and insurance conglomerate formed by OP Financial Group. It also acts as the Group's strategic owner institution.

OP Cooperative's mission is to create the basis for OP Financial Group's unity and success. Its task is to supervise and steer the Group's business in line with the jointly agreed strategy. OP Cooperative also analyses the operating environment and gathers information on changes in the industry. It is in charge of the Group's corporate image, reputation and brands.

OP Cooperative subsidiaries

OP Corporate Bank plc
OP Corporate Bank plc is a Finnish financial services group which provides its customers with banking, non-life insurance and asset management services. Acting as OP Financial Group's central bank, OP Corporate Bank plc manages the Group's liquidity and international operations. Together with OP Mortgage Bank, OP Corporate Bank plc manages OP's liquidity and international funding

OP-Services Ltd
OP-Services Ltd is provides, develops and maintains services needed by OP Financial Group companies.

Other subsidiaries

Helsinki OP Bank Plc is engaged in retail banking in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

OP Life Assurance Company Ltd manages OP Financial Group's life and pension insurance business and its development on a centralised basis. The company's portfolio includes life, pension, unit-linked and risk insurance services.

OP Fund Management Company Ltd manages OP Financial Group's mutual funds. In selling fund units, the company uses the member banks and Helsinki OP Bank's service network, as well as OP-Pohjola Group's online services.

OP Mortgage Bank is responsible for OP Financial Group's secured funding by issuing mortgage-backed covered notes.

OP Card Company Plc provides unsecured consumer credit to the Group member banks' private customers.


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